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Context: The cartoon shows space travel to Mars, angel crossings, daily flights to the Milky Way and more in the near future.

  • Blue text in top left: The not-so-distant future
  • Text on sign near angels: Pedestrian crossing
  • Top caption in middle right under planets: The great rebellion of Mars.
  • Second caption in middle right, above telescope: Seeing off the grandson.
  • Caption at middle left, beside the two figures looking at rockets: “Which rocket goes to the Milky Way?” “It seems it’s that one over there, comrade.”
  • Text on sign hanging off moon at bottom left: Do not throw cigarette butts onto Earth.
  • Caption at bottom right: “Excuse me, is this the moon?” “What, are you from Earth? This is Mars!”


Image: Gurov, E., Solovev, V., Ushats, M., Sychev, I., Leru, G., Pirtskhalava, G. Cartoon. 10 Feb. 1959: 16. Krokodil Digital Archive. Web. 20 Apr. 2018


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