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How is This Site Organized?



There are over 200 cartoons, posters, photos and other media on this site. They are sorted in three different ways: by decade, theme and media type, all accessible via the main navigation menu. Under the “Decade” tab, you will find media split by decade, from the 1940s to 1990s. Under the “Theme” tab, you will find 12 different themes, such as the origins of the Cold War, Red Scare, and Space Race. The “Media Type” tab will lead you to political cartoons, photos, posters and videos.

All of the pages linked under these three tabs are landing pages (i.e. 1960, Space Race, Photos), where you will find thumbnails and brief descriptions of all relevant media. Click on the thumbnails or buttons under them to access the full images, context, translations and citations (i.e. A New Diamond).

US and Soviet media are intermixed on the landing pages.