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Context: The cartoon shows a barracks full of countries controlled by the US, which is trying to use its bloc to dominate the UN and interfere in Korea.

  • Title at top: In the barracks
  • Caption at top: The US bloc at the UN deliberately delayed the work of the current session of the General Assembly, effectively turning it into a permanent body of the United Nations to illegitimately replace the Security Council. American diplomacy always wishes to have an obedient “voting machine” at hand.
  • Labels on the beds: Delegation of Cuba, Delegation of Guatemala, Delegation of Argentina, Delegation of Honduras, Delegation of Ecuador, Delegation of Benelux, Delegation of Taiwan
  • Text on book man is reading: Slander and Fabrications about the USSR
  • Caption at bottom: No one gets a pass for tomorrow! At 8:00 sharp we are going to vote on the American resolution!


Vedernikov, Y. Cartoon. 20 June 1951: 16. Krokodil Digital Archive. Web. 21 Apr. 2018


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