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The US is dominating UN, using it for American aggression against other countries. A US man plays an accordion full of other countries’ leaders.

  • Caption at top left: “As a matter of fact, the UN is now not as much a world organization, as an organization for Americans acting on the demand of the American aggressors.” (From an interview between Comrade J.V. Stalin and a Pravda correspondent) [Pravda was the main Soviet newspaper]
  • Word above man’s right hand: “AkkordeOON” [a play on the word “accordion” and the initials in Russian for the UN, “OON”]
  • Initials on accordion: OON


Fomichev, V. Cartoon. 10 Mar. 1951: 1. Krokodil Digital Archive. Web. 21 Apr. 2018


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