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Film Description: This 1985 Soviet action film directed by Mikhail Tumanishvili centers around the actions of a crazed Vietnam war veteran who takes over an underground nuclear missile base at the behest of the CIA. This was done to prevent a global summit from taking place that American arms manufactures were concerned about as it could have hurt their sales. The CIA wanted the war veteran to shoot down a cruise ship, to pin it on the Soviets, but this soldier realizes that he will probably be killed after accomplishing this and so goes rogue. Soviet special forces have to come in to prevent the outbreak of World War III as the Vietnam war veteran attempts to take control of a nuclear missile. This film, despite the intensely negative perception towards the CIA and American government, is notable in that it still pushes the narrative that the American people are not bad, only the elites are. In this film, Soviet special forces even have to save, and later work with, one American civilian, who is distraught after American forces under the command of the crazed Vietnam war veteran murder his wife and attempt to murder him.

Context and Translation:
“The term “secret operations” means all manner of activities performed or sponsored by the United States government against hostile foreign organizations or governments. However, these activities will be planned and implemented in such a way so that the United States government is never identified as its source. In the event of disclose, the United States government may fully deny responsibility. Directive 10/2. National Security Council, United States.”


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