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Film Description: Liberation: Film V, The Last Assault is the final chapter of a five-part film series released in 1970 and 1971, directed by Yuri Ozerov. It was commissioned as part of the twenty-fifth anniversary of Victory Day. The film follows the Soviet army’s journey into Berlin as they seek to find Hitler’s headquarters and end the war. In the F├╝hrerbunker, after marrying Eva Braun, Hitler murders her and then has a subordinate kill him (he is portrayed as a coward). The film ends with an immense crowd of Red Army soldiers celebrating victory.

Scene 1. Context and Translation: In this scene a Soviet Commander frees a German prisoner of war, much to the captured soldier’s surprise.

Lieutenant: “Ask him where the consulate is, then we will send him to meet his maker, who the hell needs him!”
Commander: “Alright lieutenant, I don’t need any advice, we will figure it out ourselves.”
Commander to prisoner: “Do you want a smoke?”
Prisoner: “Thank you.”
Commander: “Ahh, you studied Russian?”
Prisoner: “Yes, I did. What do you want from me, mister major, the lieutenant gave me good advice, send me to meet my maker!”
Commander: “Why hurry?”
Prisoner: “A communist must not hesitate in front of the enemy. A communist has no right to doubt. Look, mister, your lieutenant does not have any doubts!”
Commander: “You poorly know communists! We don’t need your life. We just want to destroy fascism! Go! If you take up arms again, you will be shot. Remember this. Go. You are free.”

Scene 2, Context and Translation: This is the final scene of the film.

“What did fascism bring the world?
In the Second World War died…
520,000 French
400,000 Italians
320,000 English
325,000 Americans
364,000 Czechs and Slovaks
1,600,000 Yugoslavs
6,028,000 Poles
9,700,000 Germans
20,000,000 Soviet People”


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