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Context: US peace is world domination.

  • Caption, upper right: American imperialists lead preparations for war, and yet the leaders of the United States continue to talk about their allegedly peaceful intentions. You see, they are not against saving the world, but on conditions that will be dictated by the United States. And what are these conditions? The peoples of the world must kneel before American capital… In short, the people must abandon their political sovereignty and economic independence, their cultural and other interests, and become subjects of the newly created American empire. (from the report of L.P. Beria at the ceremonial meeting of the Moscow Council on November 6, 1951)
  • Word in green, top half: Peace
  • Word in green then red, bottom half: World domination
  • Caption at top left, continued at bottom: Peace the American way… is an extendable concept.


Image: Efimov, Boris. Cartoon. 20 Dec. 1951: 1. Krokodil Digital Archive. Web. 21 Apr. 2018.


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