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Context: US forces are dominating Europe, and acting like it’s some kind of spring, or awakening.

  • Caption at top: Spring in the West
  • Text under/in boxes, clockwise from top left:
    • Days have lengthened noticeably. (the poster on the wall reads “Directive on extension of the work day”)
    • Leaflets have shown up in certain places. (the leaflets read “Down with reaction!” [this is the literal translation; the meaning is difficult to translate into English, but the phrase is used in communist and socialist rhetoric against Western imperialism] and “Down with intervention!”)
    • Spring hunting with gun dogs is in full swing. (the word for “gun dogs” here, lyagavoi, is also slang for “cops”)
    • Birds from across the sea are building their nests in Europe.

Image: Efimov, Boris. Cartoon. 30 Apr. 1948: 12. Krokodil Digital Archive. Web. 21 Apr. 2018


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